Trading Cards

I’ve designed a lot of trading cards! Let’s say I’ve been doing it for 22 years so far. Let’s say I design about 6-8 sets a year with about 10-15 card designs per set. Then throw in about 20-40 miscellaneous additional card designs. So that’s about 121 card designs per year! Multiply by 22 years and I’ve designed exactly 2,662 trading cards, front and back, with parallels and variations in my life time! Okay, so that’s a rough estimate, but you get the idea.

Most are good designs. Some are excellent! Some… not so good. I’ve pared it down to 27 for this gallery. Are these my best designs? I’m not sure, but I’m proud of my work here. I have lost track of most of the card designs I’ve done and have no record of them. I tried to include variations of style and content to give a broad representation of my life’s work. I hope you are impressed.